Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Experiment - Day 5

Well, this one is slightly different - Cooper instead of Osiris. Cooper, the skinnier cat, chooses to sleep in the much larger box, as you can see. However, most of the time, even with all that space, he sleeps with his face pressed into the side or corner of the box. I'm happy with these sketches. I think I captured how funny he looks with his face stuck in the corner. Are all cats this silly?


Anonymous Karen said...

Yes indeed all cats are silly! Our cat mandu will stare at the washer panel for hours. You wonder what (if anything) they are thinking. I like how your experiments have turned out. That's a good idea to stick with a subject and reall plumb it for awhile.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Nan said...

These pictures are priceless--So uniqueI had't realized these were on the computer so it was a really fun surprise to find them !I really feel you should somehow expose these most unusual creatures to the public--really. Maybe a sophisticated comic strip or cartoon, or a children's storybook. They are too great not to be shared !!

5:42 PM  

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