Friday, December 16, 2005

Sketching again!

It is wonderful to be back to art after a forced hiatus due to terrible morning (noon & night) sickness. I'm beginning to feel a little better and coincidentally found a terrific website by artist Roslyn Stendahl (Roz). Her sketchbooks are so inspiring, they made me realize how much I've missed my daily sketches.

Not only does Roz make her own sketchbooks (inspiring me to buy "Bookbinding for Artists" by Keith Smith, but she pre-paints many of her pages so that she's not always staring at that blank white page. So, I purchased some acrylic inks and gouache paints yesterday and attempted my first Roz-inspired sketchbook page. Clearly, I need some practice with gouache, but that's what my sketchbook is for. (The green swirl is the acrylic ink.)

This page, as you can probably read, is measurements for the shelf my friend Ken is helping me build for my new art room when we move next month. Teesha Moore used to have a photo of one in her amazing studio (she has since replaced it with other photos). I'm stealing her idea for a shelf that will perfectly hold all the smaller supplies I use, like ink bottles, rubber stamps (that's what the leaf is supposed to be), etc.


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