Friday, September 23, 2005


I joined a new Yahoo Group called Ephemeral Notions. Seems like a fun bunch of creative people. One of the swaps they do each month is called Boxanotions. The moderator of the list picks a theme and then each day of the month posts something related to that theme. Participants look around their art areas and place things in a box that correspond with this. At the end of the month they are matched up with a partner and they send each other their boxes of goodies. Make sense?

For example, this month the theme is colors. Each day of the month two colors are posted. You can pick whichever one works best for you. I have a Cobalt pencil sharpener, Aqua heart-shaped beads, a Navy Blue colored pencil, etc. in my box so far. One of the colors was kiwi. I couldn't find a darn thing in that peculiar shade of greenish brown, so I drew a Kiwi instead and made an ATC out of it. This is going into the box.


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key wee is adorable!

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