Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Today a neighbor friend called to see if I wanted to go sketching with her after work. I have always wanted to sketch with a friend, so I told my husband our date was on hold and met her after work. We walked over to a neighbor's house who I had never met and she knew kinda sorta. To my surprise, she said, "Hi, we're artists. Can we sit in your yard and sketch?" I wanted to back away slowly and hide behind a bush, but the people were very nice and invited us into their back yard, which abuts the Sakonnet River. The sun was just beginning to go down, so there wasn't much time. I drew these little boxes and then filled them in with details from their yard and the water as quickly as possible.

The best part of the experience was listening to the children's conversations behind me on the swingset. There must have been 7 kids out there, laughing and talking, aged 4 to 12. I wish I could always listen to that as I drew. It's better than TV.


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