Monday, August 15, 2005

Elephant deco

Maggie (lil' Frank) sent me an elephant deco, because she knows I have a thing for that particular pachyderm. There were a couple pages already done in it, and they were wonderful. I hope mine is up to par. Now I just need to find someone to pass it onto. Any takers? (Update: this deco has been passed onto an ECer.)

This was an ATC I sewed, but was actually a little too big to be traded (I didn't plan for the fabric going around the edges). I'm glad it found a home in this deco.


Blogger tatnert said...

I would love to work in your elephant deco. I have some really cool elephat things i have been wondering what to do with. you can get my addy in the EC database
Shirley Oteri

3:03 PM  

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