Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Experiment - Day 3

This is watered down acrylics as a background again with a .005 brown micron pen. I did pick up the black pen again, but decided to put it down. I'm glad I did.

You probably can't read the writing on this sketch. It says that there are two boxes for the cats in my art room - a good sized shipping box and a shoebox. For reasons unknown, Osiris always chooses to sleep in the much-too-small shoebox. It doesn't look terribly comfortable and yet he looks so happy to be in it.

Immediately after finishing the drawing in the center (thank you Osiris, for holding the pose), he curled himself up inside the box, burying his head in its corner. His head looked completely flattened. I hope I conveyed that well enough in the bottom right sketch. He looked so funny.


Anonymous mom said...

Your cat drawings are great- it is such an interesting phenomenon how he likes small spaces. Go figure. You show it very well- one definitely gets the idea of his positioning. I look forward to more drawings- it is good to have you back- Osiris' grandma

9:49 PM  

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