Friday, May 26, 2006

Daily Watercolor Sketches

French Toast Girl has inspired me to do a painting every day. Nothing huge or serious, just watercolor (or gouache) sketches.

It’s turning out to be an interesting experience. I’m not sure the one I’ve posted here actually counts, as I did it for a thank you card, and so my motivation was a bit different – I put real care into making it come out right.

The other paintings I’m doing in my new little Moleskine watercolor sketchbook are done much more quickly, though also without any kind of preliminary pencil sketch or pen outline, as seen here.

While I think the paintings are coming out awful, at the same time, I don’t mind that the proportions are way off and they look a bit sloppy. The point is to loosen up, stop focusing on the details, just put color on paper.

I hope that as I continue to do this every day, these quick sketches will actually stop looking so bad. As my hand and mind become accustomed to looseness, perhaps they will produce better work.


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