Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sketchcrawl - Bristol

Today I went on my first ever sketchcrawl. I've wanted to try it since I first came across the sketchcrawl website, so I finally posted a message on craigslist to see if anyone else out there wanted to join me.

Two women took me up on the offer and we met this afternoon in beautiful Bristol, RI. It was a great experience. I liked Alyssa and Denise very much and it was fun to talk about art and tools, etc. Also, it was just nice to have company as we sat in the grass sketching tulips or along the sidewalk drawing trees.

I was very focused on trees today, as I feel I need much practice in that area. I've posted my two favorite attempts here: a pair of shrubs and a leafless tree. In reality, the tree did have leaves, but I was so happy with the shading I achieved on its trunk and branches, I didn't want to bury any of it in green. I was also practicing with gouache paints, which I really enjoyed using. I just need a better travel palette for them.


Anonymous Najee said...

The tree's really pretty. =D

11:01 PM  
Anonymous modern canvas art said...

Simple but effective.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous home said...

Really great, they're looking good to me!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous canvas art print said...

Really great Tree, perfect!

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Jack said...

The shrubs look great, looking forward to seeing more!

4:06 AM  

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