Friday, January 16, 2009

Domestic Endeavor #2 and The Accidental Bear

Holy cow, I'm on a roll! Tonight I cooked a delicious dish from this month's Real Simple magazine. It's called chickpea pasta with almonds and Parmesan. And it came out truly yummy! I'm feeling pretty good right now. And full.

And last night I attempted my third (we won't discuss the second) needle felted animal, this time after having received the excellent "Little Felted Animals" book.

This actually started as a cat, but by the end I decided he was a dog. When I showed it to Chris, he said, "Nice bear." So, after a little arguing about which animal this most resembled, I conceded defeat, went back to my desk and made a few edits - changed ear position, made the legs bulkier and most importantly, snipped the long cat, er dog, tail.

He's pretty cute, no matter what he is exactly.


Anonymous joey said...

I myself am in love with this bear, & your meal looks so yummy I would eat it right now, I'm very PROUD & impressed with your cooking, & baking!!!!!!

10:55 AM  

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