Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reused Food Cans

I am in no way claiming to have had an original idea here, but I wanted to show you what I did today.
I'm really into reusing items whenever I can. So many of our food items, especially baby stuff, come in these great containers. I love storage items, so I had set these aside, trying to think of what I could do with them.

Then I remembered all the pretty scrapbook paper I bought on sale a couple of months ago and came up with this:
The one on the right is turned backwards so you can see the seam. With a slight overlap for your paper, the length you need is 13 inches. We all know scrapbook paper is 12 inches, so you can stick either white or a contrasting color under there first.

So easy, so quick and I feel so proud of myself. Quin loves these snacks, so I'll have them all over the house for pens, etc. I just don't recommend them for wet things like paintbrushes, because the cylinder is made of cardboard/paper and the bottom is metal - likely to rust. So, I'll stick with my mason & tomato sauce jars for those.

Speaking of reusing, I'm a big time thrift store shopper, but selling children's items there will be against the law as of Feb. 10th per my post below. Because it's retroactive, thrift stores will have to pull everything for kids under 12 off the shelves and would have to have them independently tested before selling. Since that runs about $4,000 per item, I'd say it won't be happening.

First thing next month I'm stocking up on clothes for the kids, etc. just in case it takes our lovely congressmen ages to get this stupid law amended.

See more info here:


Blogger Tressa & Mark said...

Couldn't find a contact link, so I'm posting here.

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I'll be back to read more on your blog. What a great idea for recycling cans. I think I'll have the kids do this for making gifts for the Grandparents.

We are voracious readers in our family and getting Usborne at a discount is a great benefit.

Happy Reading!
Tressa Book Nut Nelson

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Coral said...

That is very useful, thanks a lot!

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