Thursday, January 08, 2009

Needle Felted Sea Otter

I just figured out how to turn this:

into this:
Thanks to my blog-hopping, I discovered needle felting. And then thanks to my Dad, I was able to purchase the supplies to try my own creations. And here's creation #1 - a sea otter.

I got my supplies here: The Silver Penny, and here: Lambkin Wool. The Silver Penny offers a ton of different kinds of wool, needles, etc. etc. They also have very helpful tutorial videos on the site. Lambkin Wool sells a great starter kit for $13.95. Both had excellent customer service, very friendly people. I've also ordered this book off Amazon: Little Felted Animals, but it hasn't arrived yet.

Now, I know he's not perfect. His face isn't what I was aiming for at all. But for my first try, I think he's not bad. And it was really fun. So easy and relaxing.

And yes, though I live in "The Ocean State," I made that seashell out of clay. It's cold out there!

I'm looking forward to trying some more creatures. Maybe an elephant next?

Oh, and by the way, Jackson wouldn't touch my lovely biscuits. Jeez!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is amazing- I can't wait to see it in person. Another whole new creative world opened for you...
Love, mom

2:02 PM  

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