Saturday, February 10, 2007

Other Creative Outlets

I find that between paintings, I need to dabble in other creative endeavors as a way of keeping from getting stale. That's when I turn to Nervousness or Swap-bot for ideas and projects.
This was thru Swap-bot. I had to decorate a matchbox and then fill it with beads & buttons. The idea is to pass along the odds and ends from your stash. I used my finger to paint the box with purple acrylic paint (because I was lazy and didn't feel like rinsing out a brush). I glued a line of little beads along the length of it. I drew those swirls on white cardstock with a black pen, cut them out, glued them on and put some gold paint on them. Then I covered the whole thing in an acrylic glaze. And you can see what I stuffed inside.

This project was fun because it was unplanned - I just kept doing whatever entered my head.
For this Ness LMAO (Land Mail Art Object), each participant was sent a little green or yellow bag. We were supposed to decorate them in a spring theme. I hung beads along the bottom, added beads to both handles and glued these fabric flowers to each side. I think the bag is too small to actually be functional, but it was a good exercise in a creative effort that had nothing to do with paint.

Now onto the letter N.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a unique idea- it looks great and must have been so fun to do. It is amazing what people will think up for creativity.

8:33 PM  

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