Friday, December 15, 2006

One Outstanding Octopus Owned Orange Overalls

I'm really happy with this one. This is where all those color mixing tests I did a while back have really paid off. When I'm not sure which color would work best, I flip through those pages and always find exactly what I want. I love how the orange overalls came out. They are a combination of New Gamboge (yellow) and Quin Sienna.


Anonymous Aunt Lori said...

You need to send these pics to a regular editor. How about sending it to the publishing company that did Graeme Base's book (spelling?0 called Animalia? Kira, the teachers would love this book in their classroom. The heck with the calendar. We want the book, we want the book! That's supposed to sound like a chant. love ya, Lori

7:49 AM  

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