Monday, November 05, 2007

The Dormouse Dreamt of Delicious Desserts

18 letters down, 8 to go.

The background here is Phthalo Turquoise mixed with Chinese white and the D is Quinacridone Pink mixed with Cobalt Blue. I think they work nicely together.

I had fun doing the tiny desserts, especially the chocolate chip cookie. It's amazing how little highlights and shadows can create the appearance of the swirl on top of a chocolate chip. I love working in watercolors.

I just ordered some new colors from Daniel Smith. Their watercolor passport page offers such great deals - free shipping, free paint, etc. I am so excited to get some fresh color on my palette!


Blogger jane said...

I do believe I would dine on your delectable looking deserts with your delightfuly dormant acting dormouse - do I dare? HeHe!

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Lori said...

I love your new one. Cute all around. The desserts are delectable looking. Makes me want to eat them all. So perfect and tiny too. I'm waiting for the published book. What about Scholastic Books. They serve so many schools and teachers. Bet they would make it into a book. Love, Lori

6:17 AM  

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