Sunday, March 12, 2006

Self Portrait

I need to practice faces and there's nothing like drawing from real life, so, home alone, I decided to draw myself. Holding the mirror and drawing at the same time was a little awkward and half-way through, I realized I was concentrating so hard that my face looked terribly serious. It was too late to change that.

I'm not sure this actually looks like me, but it was a fun exercise. I just wish my white gouache showed up better on the walnut ink prepainted background (in my little Moleskine). If anyone can recommend a good brand of gouache for white, please let me know. This is Winsor Newton.


Blogger Valerie said...

Hi Kira, You are a wonderful artist! I am very impressed with your self portrait. I am trying to figure out how you did it... Was it graphite that you drew with and then a walnut wash or did you draw on the stain? the gouache looks great to me.
You had commented on the journal cover in my blog. Diffusing paper is like paper made out of a coffee filter like paper Roylco makes it.
Your cats are fantastic.
you are welcome to join a group of creative folks at
I am trying to figure out how to subscribe to a blog?
All new to me

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